Mark Felchlin

Mark Felchlin

BIAS Software

I co-founded BIAS Software November 2007. Prior to BIAS Software I worked at Wells Fargo in Spokane, WA for nearly 5 Years, where I was a Business Banker for just over 2 Years.

My background includes management, banking, local government and small business finances.

I am a big technology buff, fan of android, family enthusiast, volleyball fanatic, and Sawyer Brown fan. I have spent most of my life in Spokane, WA (2nd largest city in WA State). My wife Katie and I have 4 children.

Utility Billing Gone Wrong

Flowerfield Room

In this workshop, you will learn from real examples of managing a utility billing system.

Intermediate Supervisor Utility Clerk

Be a Master at Fixing Mistakes

Marie Antoinette Ballroom

Did you know that most fixes can be done in one place?

Clerk Introduction Supervisor

No Holds Bar Utility Billing

Flowerfield Room

Bring your questions and curiosity. In this session you’ll be given the opportunity to ask questions, collaborate, and learn about best practices for utility billing.

Introduction Utility Clerk

Transforming to a Trust but Verify Internal Control Model

Elizabethan Room

Behind every set of numbers, there is a story, building skills to spot outliers helps build a culture of trust but verify.

Clerk Intermediate Supervisor