Rick Clark

Rick Clark

Executive Director
Giving Back Packs

Rick Clark is from Spokane, Washington. Born into severe poverty, Rick learned from an early age what it was like to go without. Whether it was standing in line for cheese, winter coats, or even Christmas presents, his mom and sisters relied heavily on the community to help meet the families needs. After dropping out of high school with only a 10th grade education, Rick did what he knew and dropped out of school to start a family and get on welfare as others before him had done. With a GED and many entry level, low paying jobs, he soon discovered how hard life can be without a plan and found himself divorced twice by the time he was 30.

However, on what could easily be described as his worst day in March of 2015, Rick made a choice to go back to school. On his bus ride to register for school he had a chance encounter with a homeless man downtown and an 8 minute conversation changed the course of his life. Since that day, Rick went on to earn is Associates Degree with honors from Spokane Community College and recently earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Gonzaga University with emphasis on the Study of Communications. He is also the founder and Executive Director of a local nonprofit called Giving Back Packs, where he now helps those who are struggling, to find their best day.

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