Utility Billing Bootcamp


In this Bootcamp, you will learn to use the essential functions within Utility Billing to satisfy an effective Utility Billing Management System. You will learn basic utility billing terminology and learn to navigate utility billing functions such as billing runs, creating adjustments and manage customer maintenance. You’ll be amazed at how much utility billing functionality is built in the software.


Landlord /or tenant bill printing “Who should I bill and when?”

Late bill processing “Should I bill late fees on the recurring bill or separately?”

Shutoff processing “What is your policy? Can you enforce it?”

Lien billing and processing “Are you charging additional late fees on the balance in collections?”

Billing when water is shutoff “How do I continue to charge fees when it’s shut off?”


Utility payment allocations “Do you have the power to shut off?”

Planning for rate studies “Can you identify what customers are costing you?”

Taxing utilities in your jurisdiction “Is this billing?”


Excise tax reporting “Are you paying one tax rate on all utility monies?”

USDA reporting “What?”

What to print Have you reviewed the closed activity?”


Intermediate Supervisor Utility Clerk