Mark Felchlin

Mark Felchlin

BIAS Software

I co-founded BIAS Software November 2007. Prior to BIAS Software I worked at Wells Fargo in Spokane, WA for nearly 5 Years, where I was a Business Banker for just over 2 Years.

My background includes management, banking, local government and small business finances.

I am a big technology buff, fan of android, family enthusiast, volleyball fanatic, and Sawyer Brown fan. I have spent most of my life in Spokane, WA (2nd largest city in WA State). My wife Katie and I have 4 children.

The Great Debate… Folders VS Search

Fixed Assets ( Release Party )

Marie Antoinette Ballroom

Join the celebration!  BIAS is launching a fixed assets module and would like to introduce it to you.


Never Forget A Password Again

Flowerfield Room

Did you just get locked out of your account because you tried the wrong password too many times?  It happens to the best of us.  Participants of this course will learn how they can use technology like PassKey to securely keep track of their passwords.


The XPRESS Social

Davenport Tower Safari Room

After a day of travel or dynamic training session, please join us in the (private) Safari Room located in the beautiful Davenport Tower for: Complimentary Appetizers + Beverages, Meet + Connect with BIAS Staff and Connect + Partner up with fellow BIAS Users. This event is sponsored by: Xpress Bill Pay (Partner) + BIAS Software.