Eva Marquette

Eva Marquette


“I love the dimensionality of business and entrepreneurship–every port of it–from people to processes. ┬áIt keeps me learning constantly, and involved in both creative and analytical thinking to figure out the best solutions… It is fulfilling on many levels.”

Eva Marquette is the founder of FreshVue, an innovative, results-oriented consulting company that approaches entrepreneurial and business development from a holistic framework that is designed to develop the people, and systems needed for greater traction, and long-term success. FreshVue utilizes cutting-edge technology, big data analysis, market research, and organizational development tools, to help businesses accomplish their goals in meaningful and measurable ways.

Eva explains, “Business leaders are inundated with noise from every direction. Part of my strategy is to filter through the abundance of opinions and complexities to identify the truth of a situation, and act in alignment with that insight. This leads to flow, ease and renewed energy to prioritize what is most important, alleviate stress, and get the results you desire.”

Eva grew up in Seattle and in her typical go-getter mentality, double-majored while graduating at the top of her class from Whitworth University, and now her Masters in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga is just around the corner.

Eva brings a significant depth of knowledge in behavioral economics, business administration, leadership and organizational development into her consulting. Along with over 10 years as a top performer in training, sales, and business development. One client, Theresa Tombari of Tombari Investments explained, “Eva is undeterred by obstacles that would challenge even the most seasoned of consultants. Her unique ability to see past smoke screens and intentional detours was critical to my successful business negotiations. She is both strategic and tactical and works to co-create business plans that inspire.”